About US

indie-click.com Media is a small boutique internet marketing agency that assist brands in reaching a select demographic of tastmakers and urban influencers. We specializes in online advertising targeted toward young trendsetting niche markets utilizing CPC and CPM graphic banners.

We bring our bloggers content into focus increasing the relevance of ad and campaign placements, driving sales and overall enhanced performance. We integrate our clients messages in a non-intrusive manner via IAB standard ad units on our network of blogs and our HTML email marketing activities. We also offer more expansive options, which include branded giveaways and innovative, custom content development.

Unlock the power of social media and it's influence.

Our network of websites and blogs is "invite only". All our publishers are hand picked based on their reach and influence in a select market or sub-culture. We are all about now and what's hot. Our network of sites have become a gathering spot for the best and coolest of urban 2.0 popular street culture. Our network of blogs doesn't just follow the culture...they are the culture.