Advertise to those that matter.

Generation Y has evolved. The internet has turned spectators into creaters, rebels into heroes, critics into journalist, gossipers into option makers, and cool kids into international style mavens. This is all due to the explosion of internet technology and social networking. For your company to get the highest ROI it is critical to understand who is driving the conversations gaining traction within the the blogosphere and social media. The network can help you define and delivier a strategy of online advertising that intergrates your ad into the social online community of far reaching influencers.

Easily reach your target demographic.

Our online advertising services allow brands to reach a targeted demographic of tastemakers and urban influencers quickly in an effective manner. With the click of a mouse we can get your message out to those that really matter, the ones who influence others and create the "Buzz" about your event, product launch, sale, or brand philosophy.