Sponsorboxx Tast-Makers Blog ad Network

Let the cool kids tell the world. Advertise to those who matter. specializes in Lifestyle/Culture Online Advertising Campaigns including: product reviews, user generated advertising, conversation or word of mouth marketing, strategic linking, blog banner advertisements, video blogging and distribution. We have a large and always growing blog network available for clients to utilize for any online advertising campaign. As the network continues to grow, we are creating new online advertising programs and continuing to find new ways to increase return on investment for our clients.

Unlock the power of social media and it’s influence.

With the click of a mouse get your message out to those that really matter, the ones who influence others, create the “Buzz” about your, event, product launch, sale, or brand philosophy.

Comprehensive  Reporting and Channel Targeting.

    • Fully transparent – See all the sites that displayed your banner ads
    • Full detailed distribution, click and impressions reporting
    • Geo targeting target by Region, State, City (DMA)
  • Target by gender, age, categories and channel


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