Power To The People!.

What makes indie-click.com different from all the other corporate networks is that we are not in it just for the money. We do it because we love spreading the word about cool things, cool people, events, technologies and the things we think are worth being heard. We also understand that all great things need financial support in order to survive, be heard, and prosper. We know there is power in numbers and that is the reason why the indie-click network was created; to give power to the sites/blogs that were created by one, but now has the attention of thousands.

Blog because you love it. Get paid because you have bills.

By joining the indie-click network we provide site/blog publishers with an association and connection to websites with more reach, allowing deeper channels and provide higher conversions for advertisers. We work with small and large publishers to make their inventory more intelligent – categorizing and “pre-screening” it using geographic, demographic, and contextual information to ensure that the most relevant, banner-ads are shown on your site/blog.