Perez Hilton Gets The Number 1 Spot For Facebook Traffic Source


I noticed Ryan Spoon’s blog post (via Techmeme) on‘s growth this morning. I have followed the Perez Hilton site (for purely professional reasons) for some time. The website ranked #398 among All Categories of websites last week and #5 among Entertainment – Personalities websites (based on share of US Internet visits).

Searches for “perez hilton” were more than 300 times higher than for the celebrity “paris hilton” last week, confirming what Ryan Spoon suggests in his post that Perez Hilton is a strong brand. But what is perhaps more interesting is that the site’s #1 source of traffic is Facebook, not Google, as of last month. Last week, 8.70% of visits to came from Facebook compared to 7.62% from Google. The switch happened the week ending December 27th, 2008.

And this despite insults lobbed at Facebook on the Perez Hilton website and a call to boycott the social network.


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